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You can now see the BelugaST flying around the world

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You can now see the BelugaST flying around the world

Brazilian aviation enthusiasts recently had the opportunity to see the BelugaST ‘Super-Transporter’ land in Latin America for the first time. The modified A300-600 aircraft recently landed in Sao Paulo as part of a cargo mission to transport an ACH160 helicopter to a Brazilian operator.

Sightings of the Airbus BelugaST transporters across the globe are increasing in frequency thanks to a new service called Airbus Beluga Transport, created in January to offer outsized freight transportation for customers worldwide.

These cargo aircraft have expanded their scope beyond intra-Airbus site transfers to flying missions around the world transporting oversized cargo. And by the end of 2023, six new-generation BelugaXLs will replace the BelugaSTs as the back-bone of Airbus’ inter-site transportation of large aircraft sections.

Airbus Beluga Transport’s BelugaSTs, with their ability to carry loads up to 10 percent wider and 50 percent higher than the market alternative, will now serve industries such as engines manufacturers, helicopters, machinery, military equipment, land vehicles, space industries, oil and  gas, energy providers and humanitarian supply distributors.

Look up, you never know where you may see the BelugaST next!


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