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Back on track

New Airbus Global Market Forecast Released

The airline industry has bounced back from the global economic slowdown, with its faster-than-anticipated recovery driven in part by dynamic growth in new emerging markets, increased freight traffic and the need for eco-efficient replacement aircraft in mature sectors, finds the Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF) for the 20-year period of 2010-2029.

In the next 20 years, Airbus projects that almost 26,000 new passenger jetliners and freighters will be needed to meet the rising demand for flight services, representing a market value of US$3.2 trillion, and an increase over the previous forecast of 900 aircraft.

Leading the way are emerging economies such as India, whose passenger traffic growth of 9.2 percent is the fastest of any major market.

Some key findings include:

• Overall, the greatest demand for new passenger aircraft and freighters will be from the Asia-Pacific region, which will carry one-third of all passenger traffic by 2029, overtaking the United States and Europe for the top spot.

• Across all segments, the report shows a continued trend towards new-generation and efficient aircraft, enabling operators to increase passenger capacity while reducing costs.

• A need for more freighters is confirmed with cargo traffic recovering at a higher rate than passenger traffic. Airbus is projecting a demand for approximately 2,980 freighters from 2010-2029 to address increased cargo traffic,
Airbus will release a GMF for Latin America and select countries in the region over the next few months. You can expect more information in the Market Trends section of future Noticias.

For additional highlights of the 2010-2029 Global Market Forecast, visit Airbus’ video gallery. To access the full report, visit Airbus Global Market Forecast for 2010-2029.


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Liana Sucar-Hamel 
Communications Manager, Airbus Latin America & Caribbean