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Airbus and LAN make aviation history one milestone at a time

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Airbus and LAN make aviation history one milestone at a time

On October 18th, Airbus joined nearly 1,000 LAN employees and special guests to celebrate one of the airlines’ most important milestones. The day marked LAN’s 100th aircraft delivery, an A320 now flying regional routes. For Airbus, this day represented the culmination of a 12-year partnership with one of the most respected airlines in the world.

Since the LAN, TACA and TAM joint-order for 90 single-aisle aircraft in 1998, Airbus and LAN have been making aviation history. The legendary order, which brought three airlines together for the first time in the region, is still the largest contract ever signed in Latin American commercial aviation history.

And before closing 2010, LAN made Airbus history by finalizing an order for 50 A320 Family. The largest single airline order for Airbus in Latin America included the recently launched Sharklets, large wing-tip devices that will enhance the eco-efficiency and payload-range performance of the A320 Family.

Today, with more than 150 aircraft ordered, over a million hours flown and nearly 70 Airbus aircraft in operation, the LAN and Airbus partnership is stronger than ever.

On their most recent Airbus order, Ignacio Cueto, LAN Airlines' Chief Operating Officer, said “We confirm our commitment to the development of commercial aviation in Latin America, incorporating the best technology and offering our customers one of the world’s most modern fleets.”


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