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TAM first on A320neo

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TAM first on A320neo

It didn’t take very long for Latin America to discover the benefits of the A320neo. Last month, Brazil’s largest airline became the first A320neo customer in Latin America when they committed to 32 A320 Family aircrafts; 22 of which were A320neo.

I commend TAM’s ambition to be the first in the region to take advantage of the A320neo’s improved competitiveness and eco-efficiency. They will be one of the first in the world to receive the A320neo in 2016. A 15 percent fuel savings opportunity does not occur every day on an already high standard product like the A320 Family. It should be a no brainer for any current A320 customer, it is the perfect cost saving tool to leap any airline’s competitors. This is instrumental in an environment like today with fuel prices surging.

The A320neo will therefore offer TAM maximum benefit for minimum change, positioning them to take full advantage of Brazil’s expected growth in air travel; especially in light of the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games. So who will be next to follow TAM’s example?