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AviancaTaca adds A318 to its fleet

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AviancaTaca adds A318 to its fleet

Latin American airline joins select group of Airbus customers operating all A320 Family models, by introducing 10 A318 aircraft

Upon receiving its 62nd A320 Family aircraft in February, AviancaTaca joined the club of airlines including Air France and British Airways that operate the entire A320 Family of aircraft (A318, A319, A320 and A321).

Recently-merged AviancaTaca, which includes subsidiary AeroGal of Ecuador, based their fleet modernization and expansion programs on the Airbus A320 Family. With combined orders of 135 aircraft, AviancaTaca operates a total of 63 Airbus, including 56 A320 Family (14 A319, 37 A320 and five A321) and five A330s.

The A318 will complement the AviancaTaca fleet by offering a capacity of 100 seats (12B/88Y) while preserving a full commonality with the rest of the fleet. It will replace an aging Fokker F100 and will be flown primarily on the F100 network. However, the range capability of the A318 will enable AviancaTaca to also use it on international routes.

For once, flying a smaller airplane will not compromise comfort. AviancaTaca A318 passengers will continue to benefit from the large cross-section and a high level of comfort that the A320 Family is known for.

AviancaTaca already has two A318s in service, with a third one having just been delivered for an imminent entry into service. They will be followed by seven additional A318s in the coming months. In addition, AviancaTaca will receive nine more Airbus A320 Family aircraft this year and two A330s. This is not counting the other aircraft coming from leasing companies.

So now that you are aware of the features of the A318, will you be among the first on-board for this AviancaTaca premiere?


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