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ACJ TwoTwenty: the newest member of the ACJ Family

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ACJ TwoTwenty: the newest member of the ACJ Family

The ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jets) TwoTwenty is a game changer in the business aviation landscape,  by carving out a whole new market segment "the Xtra Large Bizjet”.

Its value proposition is definitely innovative, combining intercontinental range, unmatched personal space & unbeatable economics at a price tag similar to ultra-long-range (ULR) jets. 

Cabin and Interior Features

With twice the cabin real estate vs other ULR jets, the ACJ Twenty boasts a 73 sqm cabin divided in 6 wide VIP areas. Its flexible cabin catalog offers a selection of layout options allowing hundreds of possible configurations

A home and office in the skies with best-in-class connectivity and a range of relaxation options, including a California king-size bed, an en suite bathroom with a rain shower and 55-inch 4K TV screens. 

Performance and efficiency

Thanks to its modern design and extensive use of advanced materials, the ACJ TwoTwenty is extremely agile and versatile. Capable of flying over 12 hours (up to 5,650nm), it can connect Los Angeles to London or Miami to Buenos Aires. While the  ACJ TwoTwenty cabin is twice the size compared to similarly priced ULR, it occupies the same parking footprint and can take off from the same airports.

Market-leading fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance & training cost and unrivaled reliability lead to unbeatable operating costs, one-third less than competitive jets. 

According to Chadi Saade, ACJ VP Commercial, “the ACJ TwoTwenty is a game-changer, delivering a unique combination of cabin space and comfort, range, and cost efficiency. Latin America-based customers, where the total business aircraft fleet is over 2,600 planes, could greatly benefit from the ACJ TwoTwenty offering. Simply put, the best value-for-money proposition in business aviation.”  



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