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Airbus Skywise presence continues to grow in Latin America

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Airbus Skywise presence continues to grow in Latin America

Skywise, Airbus data platform that allows airlines to interact with data intuitively by using pre-built workflows by integrating and connecting all data from across the organization, regardless of size or format, has expanded in Latin America. Mexico’s cargo airline mas became Skywise’s most recent adopter, joining 12 airlines across the region and becoming part of a network that connects more than 800 aircraft.

It provides best-in-class analytical tooling for technical and non-technical users to translate data into vital insights. Designed for every class of user, with a complete set of self-serve analytical, visualization, and reporting tools to explore and investigate data right out of the box, Skywise enables secure collaboration and sharing to facilitate troubleshooting among Airbus, airlines and suppliers. All in all, the platform was designed to improve operational efficiency, prevent delays and reduce risk of AOG.

The AI-driven platform’s reliability dashboard benchmarks fleet performance with that of other Skywise operators to keep carriers up-to-date about current operations and future requirements. Additionally, Skywise offers post-flight reports and decoded sensor data to help operators conduct routine safety checks faster and more thoroughly.

Launched in 2017, Skywise  provides a portfolio of digital solutions ranging from “CORE” - Skywise’s entry level solution, and premium solutions focused on fleet performance including Health Monitoring (SHM), Fleet Reliability with Skywise Reliability Premium or Predictive Maintenance (SPM). Today, Skywise has more than 140+ airlines customers worldwide across a fleet of nearly 10,000 aircraft..

Skywise Store & Apps (currently containing 13 Airbus apps and additional third party apps) enables streamlined fleet maintenance and improved operations.

The Skywise Academy creates a learning ecosystem designed to help users make the most of the Skywise platform via Classrooms, Self-Learning and Webinars. This combination of resources, practical examples and expert instructors, help guide airlines towards making proper data-driven decisions with users going straight to the (data) point.

As announced during MRO Americas in Dallas last April, Airbus is reshaping Skywise predictive capabilities by combining complementary algorithms developed by Digital Alliance members AirbusGE Digital and Delta TechOps, with a nose to tail solution that enables airlines to better anticipate maintenance-related disruptions and therefore minimize cancellations and maximize on-time departures.



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