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Three questions to Luis Ramos, CEO Awesome Cargo

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Three questions to Luis Ramos, CEO Awesome Cargo

For this edition of Noticias Airbus, we sat down with the CEO of Mexico’s newest cargo operator, Awesome Cargo, to learn more about their business model, the cargo industry in Latin America and how the A330 will help them grow.

1)     From your perspective, what will be the key to Awesome Cargo's success?

There are several factors that will lead Awesome Cargo to success. Awesome Cargo will be the first cargo airline in Latin America to implement the growing low-cost model to cargo operations. We aim to be the most efficient cargo airline while offering outstanding service to our customers. Additionally, both founders and owners, as well as Awesome Cargo's team, have extensive aviation experience, both in cargo and at low-cost airlines.

These, combined with a clear vision, efficient operations, market knowledge and a skilled team will make Awesome Cargo a success story.

2)     How does Awesome Cargo see the overall Mexican cargo market? And particularly the impact of e-commerce?

Air cargo in Mexico has been growing steadily – except in 2020 due to the pandemic – with one of the highest worldwide potential growth driven by several factors, including Mexican manufacturers' export capacity, and “nearshoring,” which is making Mexico an attractive destination for investors to reshore their business. This will not only boost Mexico's economy and consequently natural demand, but cargo demand.

Moreover, e-commerce is also growing steadily, surpassing previous year's volumes. We expect this trend to continue in the coming years as we are far behind U.S. or European levels, where you can receive an order on the same day. The large e-commerce companies are investing heavily in same-day delivery. That will require a much higher volume of freight to move by air.

3)   What is Awesome Cargo's growth strategy and how can A330s help to achieve this?

The A330 is an excellent aircraft for e-commerce: efficient and reliable. These are key to offer competitive prices that very few cargo operators can offer. We are very excited about this project and look forward to increasing the A330 fleet in the coming years.