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XL & L bins: Larger bins for greater value

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XL & L bins: Larger bins for greater value

In 2022, JetBlue received the first Airspace cabin, fitted with XL bins, the largest bins available today in the single aisle market. More space in the cabin is linked to more revenues and when having the option to have it, it should be a no brainer. 

Airbus is continuously working on both linefit and retrofit solutions that can optimize the stowage in the cabin and bring a benefit for the customers. That is why the XL and L bins are here to stay.

The value of this solution, lays upon four different pillars. 

First one is related to increasing the residual value of the Aircraft as it is the current trend with an expected selection rate of 70%. Second is its impact on revenues. The XL bins are the largest on the market for a single-aisle aircraft, with 40% more volume and the ability to accommodate up to 60% more bags. Therefore, the revenue space is increased so as the additional cargo space now available as an outcome of the larger bins.

Third pillar is the perceived improvement in the Turnaround Time or TAT: the transfer of bags from cabin to cargo is reduced and every passenger has a space to leave their luggage by their seat. The TAT reduction also has a positive impact on other factors such as less APU usage or less airport taxes. 

And as a consequence, the fourth benefit is the overall passenger satisfaction thanks to a boarding with enough space for everyone flying.

With more than forty customers and 1600 orders both in linefit and in retrofit, the XL bin and L bin projects is meant to be a market favorite and is the perfect option from Low Cost Carriers to Full Service Carriers with the aim of continuously improving the operations while boosting the passenger experience.

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