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SHARP to bring new efficiencies to Santos Dumont A320neo operations

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SHARP to bring new efficiencies to Santos Dumont A320neo operations

The skyway between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo is the busiest air route in the Americas, connecting the two largest cities in Brazil which represent more than 30 million people.

Most of the flights to São Paulo from Rio de Janeiro depart from Santos Dumont airport (SDU), which is slot-constrained.

Additionally, located in the Rio de Janeiro bay, the airport has a very short runway length of 1,323 meters. To cope with this challenging environment and offer the most profitable solution to its customers, the SHort AiRfield Package (SHARP) was developed by Airbus and its partners to allow the A320neo to operate at Santos Dumont with full passenger payload.

The solution was designed based on modifications of aerodynamics and flight control laws, the latter being only possible thanks to the Airbus Fly-by-Wire architectural advantage.

From conception to fruition, the concept was developed, implemented and validated during a flight test campaign and finally received certification by the EASA. In July 2017, SHARP received its third certification by ANAC, the Brazilian aviation airline authorities. 

The first A320neos equipped with SHARP to start operations in Santos Dumont will bear Avianca Brasil and Azul livery. Both operators will benefit from the most efficient aircraft in its category while enjoying a greater seat capacity that will boost their revenue in operations between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


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