SpaceFlex top view, with two galleys

SpaceFlex top view in PRM mode


Space-Flex: Innovative cabin option for A320

Cabin configuration adds space for more seats

The market feedback on Space-Flex, first revealed in 2011, has been very positive thanks to its unique revenue and comfort benefits. Airbus now is now offering Space-Flex as an option on the A320 Family.

By making more efficient use of the volume at the rear of the cabin, two lavatories plus a galley can now be efficiently accommodated in this space, generating the following advantages:

1. Freeing-up space for, typically, three more revenue-generating seats and/or an improvement in seat pitch throughout the cabin;

2. Offering two lavatories, each of comparable size to existing A320s, i.e. larger than competitor lavatories;

3. Providing one of the lavatories with full access for ‘Persons with Reduced Mobility’ (PRM), for the first time in a single-aisle aircraft.

The different Space-Flex variants include:

1. Lavatory/ lavatory configuration: A lateral lavatory and a centre lavatory separated by a rigid wall as well as a corresponding Space-Flex galley.

2. Lavatory/ urinal configuration: A lateral lavatory and a centre urinal separated by a rigid wall. The corresponding Space-Flex galley offers higher capacity than the first variant, and the urinal can bring advantages for hygiene and passenger comfort.

3. Additional galleys with different capacity on the right hand side before the aft door can be selected. In this case, an airline would gain three additional revenue seats. However, without any galley before door 4, the gain could be as high as six additional seats.

The PRM-friendly lavatory is facilitated via a simple conversion process. Two single Space-Flex lavatories (or lavatory and urinal) are convertible into one Space-Flex PRM enclosure in a similar manner to those delivered on Airbus wide-body aircraft. During the concept development, Airbus conducted tests with experts and wheelchair users to make sure the lavatory is designed per the needs of the end users.

Space-Flex entry into service is expected in the autumn of 2013.

For more information contact:
  Stefanie von Linstow
  Aircraft Interiors Marketing Manager

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